Services, Pool and Billiard Table CleanerThere is no other product on the market today like it. All other methods; brushing, vacuuming and damp cloths harm the cloth or require extensive work. And besides, replacing the pool table cloth costs hundreds of dollars, time and effort. Quick-Clean is the answer.  

If you're a home owner, a poolroom operator with 30 or more tables, or a proprietor with only one or two tables, Quick-Clean will save you time and money, and keep your pool table playing surface looking and playing like new.  

Here's how it works! Just Spray it On and wipe it off. That's it. It takes less than 1 minute to clean any pool table cloth and because it's a dry-foam cleaner, your table is ready to play immediately.

The Three Biggest Killers of your pool table cloth

The Brush
The #1 killer of pool table cloth is the brush. When you brush the table you don't get the chalk off the table you are brushing it through the felt on to the slate. The cloth wears out like carpet, from bottom to top. When you recover your table you will find a lot of chalk on the slate. The chalk is brushed into a pile and put in a dustpan. When you use only Quick-Clean there will be no chalk under the cloth.

Damp Cloth
The #2 killer of pool table cloth is a damp cloth. The moisture causes the cloth to expand. It does not make the cloth shrink. It makes the cloth on the table become loose and it becomes very slow rolling. It also fades the color and is quite noticeable under the rails when the table is recovered. A table with faded cloth makes the table look old before its time.

The #3 killer of pool table cloth is the vacuum. It is better than the brush because the vacuum removes some of the loose chalk, But if you are using a brush on the vacuum you are still
pushing the chalk into the fibers and pulling the threads on the top. The
rotation of the vacuum brushes causes the cloth to wear faster. You also must be careful about the suction power. Too much suction will stretch the cloth.

Quick-Clean is a dry style cleaner and leaves the table dry so there is no stretching or fading. When you recover the table the cloth under the rails will be the same color as the playing surface.

Think About This ..
If you had a nice suit and got chalk on the jacket you would not want to wipe it with a damp cloth, it would stain the fabric. The dampness pushes the chalk into the fibers and causes a stain. Like the suit the dampness pushed the chalk into the fibers of the cloth. Sooner or later the fibers will become so clogged that the table it will play bad and the amount of dirt you get on yourself is unreal.

Why Is Quick-Clean Better?
Quick-Clean lifts the chalk out of the felt and suspends it above the cloth so you can wipe it off and not into the felt. The evaporant in the cleaner is what makes it dry immediately and not leave the felt wet. There is also a dry cleaning agent in it that cleans the felt. A damp cloth is wet and has no cleaning agents. It is like washing you hands with water compared to washing your hands with soap and water.



Question: How does Quick-Clean work?
By using a positive charge it lifts the chalk off the
Cloth into a mist suspension giving you time to wipe it off and not into the cloth. It also has a dry cleaning agent that dry-cleans the cloth. We use a lot of evaporator so that your cloth is dry when you finish. 60 seconds

Should I use the brush and vacuum before cleaning?
Use only the Quick-Clean, other methods only destroy what the Quick-Clean is doing.

Will a damp cloth hurt my table?
Yes, You are pushing the chalk into the fibers of the cloth clogging them. There is also dye in the chalk that you are smearing all over your table.

Will the brush hurt my table?
Yes, you are only pushing the chalk into the fibers of the cloth. You are not removing the chalk, you are only pushing it around. The bristles tear at the fibers of the cloth also.

Will the vacuum hurt my table?
Yes, you are pulling on the cloth and stretching the cloth. This will eventually slow you cloth down.

How often should I clean my table?
When you can see chalk on your table. I do it after each time I play.

Isn’t Quick-Clean expensive to use every time.
NO, after your first can for test purposes you should buy by the case (1 year supply). Your Distributor will give you a case for 80-90 dollars. That is less than 20 cents a day. Remember your table is like your wife and you will have her forever.

How Many tables will one can clean?
I tell people 15 cleanings on a 9-foot table. I get 22 but I have been spraying for years.

How Do I know how much cleaner to spray on?
As soon as you finish cleaning touch the cloth and it should be dry. If it feels damp you have used too much cleaner. Put a mark on the can after use and when you have 7 marks you should have a half can left. Putting on too much will only waste the cleaner, it will not harm your table.

Should I let the cleaner set on the table before wiping?
No, wipe the table as fast as you can. We recommend 60 seconds to get it off.

What should I remove the cleaner with?
You can use any kind of cloth that is lent free. We do recommend a microfiber towel or wiper. The cleaner has a positive charge and the microfiber has a negative charge. The attraction is like a magnet. If you use a towel wrap it around a paper towel tube so it won’t roll in your hand.

Will the Quick-Clean help with table slide on new cloth?
Yes, we recommend to clean the table twice and the slide is gone. Make sure to clean the railings to stop the railings from sliding. The slide is caused from the sizing and the dye left on top of the cloth.

Will Quick-Clean remove stains?
It will remove most stains but it will not remove all stains. This is why we do not advertise it as a stain remover. It is a trial and era thing.

Why after 3 or 4 hours of play why does my hand get dirty, I clean my table every day.
You are continually putting chalk back onto the cloth. Using a white typewriter paper put the cue ball in the center, chalk your cue and hit the ball. fold the paper in half and thump the paper. Open and you will understand where the chalk comes from. Imagine doing that 1000s of times in 3 or 4 hours.

Can I clean the Irish linen on my cue with Quick-Clean?
Answer: Yes, Spray cleaner on a cotton cloth and wipe off.

I live in Alaska where should I store the Quick- Clean?
Somewhere warm. A cold can will have less pressure.

Is Quick-Clean safe?
Yes, but keep out of the reach of children.

If I have questions is there someone to talk with.
Yes, call David Hodges toll free at 1 866 240-2789. I want to answer your questions..