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The Three Biggest Killers

The Brush
The #1 killer of pool table cloth is the brush. When you brush the table you don't get the chalk off the table you are brushing it through the felt on to the slate. The cloth wears out like carpet, from bottom to top. When you recover your table you will find a lot of chalk on the slate. The chalk is brushed into a pile and put in a dustpan. When you use only Quick-Clean there will be no chalk under the cloth.

Damp Cloth
The #2 killer of pool table cloth is a damp cloth. The moisture causes the cloth to expand. It does not make the cloth shrink. It makes the cloth on the table become loose and it becomes very slow rolling. It also fades the color and is quite noticeable under the rails when the table is recovered. A table with faded cloth makes the table look old before its time.

The #3 killer of pool table cloth is the vacuum. It is better than the brush because the vacuum removes some of the loose chalk, But if you are using a brush on the vacuum you are still
pushing the chalk into the fibers and pulling the threads on the top. The
rotation of the vacuum brushes causes the cloth to wear faster. You also must be careful about the suction power. Too much suction will stretch the cloth.

Quick-Clean is a dry style cleaner and leaves the table dry so there is no stretching or fading. When you recover the table the cloth under the rails will be the same color as the playing surface.


Think About This ..
If you had a nice suit and got chalk on the jacket you would not want to wipe it with a damp cloth, it would stain the fabric. The dampness pushes the chalk into the fibers and causes a stain. Like the suit the dampness pushed the chalk into the fibers of the cloth. Sooner or later the fibers will become so clogged that the table it will play bad and the amount of dirt you get on yourself is unreal.

Why Is Quick-Clean Better?
Quick-Clean lifts the chalk out of the felt and suspends it above the cloth so you can wipe it off and not into the felt. The evaporant in the cleaner is what makes it dry immediately and not leave the felt wet. There is also a dry cleaning agent in it that cleans the felt. A damp cloth is wet and has no cleaning agents. It is like washing you hands with water compared to washing your hands with soap and water.


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