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Helpful Hints with Quick-Clean, The #1 Pool Table Cleaner


Be sure to shake the can well before using

First try a test spray by taking the can outside and pressing the button down while making a sweeping motion with the can. You only need to do this once.

For best results, shake the can well and then hold the can 24 to 36 inches above the table and point the can toward the far rail.

Broadcast the spray into the air over the table and let it settle on the table rather than spraying it directly on the cloth. A light misting of the entire surface of the table is all that is required.

Check table when finished cleaning for dryness, if table is damp you have used too much product.

Use a lint free rag (old towels work great) and wipe up all the product, taking the dirt and chalk with it.

Rags will be stained by the chalk, but can be washed and reused; just wash them separately from your clothes.

Test the spray outside on the sidewalk before using on your table so you will see what a proper spray looks like.

After testing outside before the first use, you will know what to expect and not need to do this again.

Quickly push the nozzle all the way down and use a sweeping motion while holding the can 24 to 36 inches above the playing surface of the table.

Put an even mist on playing surface. Do not use too much product. Immediatly wipe the product up with a dry, lint free cloth (old T-Shirts work well)

If the table is very dirty, a second cleaning may be required. You can clean the table again using the same technique immediately

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